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Every teacher has a story to tell.

Every teacher is different.

Every teacher has their own story to tell.

What is your story and how do you define your teacher identity?

The teacher identity we talk here is not stereotypical images of teachers nor social and cultural expectations of how a teacher should be. Instead, it is the professional identity teachers define by themselves based on their real life experiences and values.

No one else other than you has the same journey to become a teacher.

Each teacher has their own story to tell and there are as many stories in Japan as there are teachers in Japan.

If you are a teacher reading this, you are one of them.

Sometimes, teachers in Japan are described in a monolithic manner with less power to make an impact on education. However, teachers of Japan are much more diverse in nature and have full of possibilities for better changes.

Let us once again shed lights on our potential, our values, and our teacher identity that WE define.

About Us

What kind of teacher do you think you are? Why?

Being aware of their own educational values and self-awareness is one of the important teacher qualities.

By reflecting the path and experiences that led you find your educational values, you will not only be able to clarify what you want to convey to your students in your daily lessons, but you will also be able to think more clearly about what changes are needed to achieve your educational goals. 

It may not be easy especially in Japan with tremendously busy working schedules, and in the peculiar teacher culture that hardly provide an opportunity to ask your individual self as a teacher.

This website invites you and share your stories about your "teacher identity" from teachers who are involved in Japanese education regardless of school type, age, background, gender, race or nationality.

Let's get more people to know about our real teacher life and share more diverse values so that we can think together about a better education.

Our Missions

  1. Share diverse teacher stories in Japan and beyond

  2. Reconsider teacher identities of Japan

  3. Support innovation from the field

  4. Build a new network

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